Open Street Amsterdam  competition information.                             2019


The Open Street Amsterdam is a CPR Catch Picture Release competition.

Included is: a great goodiebag 1 x Cup coffee or thee in the morning, a sufficient lunchbag, 1 x glas non alcoholic drink with some snacks after the competition.

There wil be prices for :

1.     First place      €500 cash + goodies

2.    Second place  €250 cash + goodies

3.    Third place     €150 cash + goodies

4.    Fourth place   Price from the price table

5.    Fifth place      Price from the price table

6.    Sixth place     Price from the price table

7.    Seventh place Price from the price table

8.    Eighth place    Price from the price table

9.    Ninth place     Price from the price table

10. Tenth place     Price from the price table

Biggest caught Perch

Biggest caught Zander

Biggest caught Pike


Date, time and the Location of the competition

Location Het Tolhuis, Buiksloterweg 7, 1031 CC Amsterdam.

The competition will be on Sunday October 13  2019

 8:00 o'clock checkin 

 9:00 o'clock Start of the competition

16:00 o'clock End of the competition

17:00 o'clock award ceremony.

Catch Picture Release:

Every fish that is caught has to be caught by the competitor himself.

Assisting in netting the fish that is caught is allowed by a team member.

The fish needs to be fotographed on the tape-meassure that will be supplied from the organisation.

The fish needs to be released alive after the picture is taken.

Digital camera:

Every team needs to carry 1 smartphone with camera and the installed scoring app. (Team-captain)

Every fish has to be fotographed on the correct way.

Every picture needs to be supplied through the scoring app.

All pictures has to be supplied with the personal catch ID-card readable on it.

1 fish Max on the tape-meassure per picture.

All pictures that are send in to the organisation wit details on it other than needed will not be admissible.

Pictures of dead fish or fish with blood will count for “zero” points.

The fish has to be fotographed on the left side of the fish.

Every picture has to show the head and tail of the fish on the tape-meassure.

The organisation will check every picture that is send in. Reclamation about the judgement of the picture is not allowed. 



All competitors will receive a original OSA tape-measure.

The OSA tape-measure is the only one allowed during the competition.

Fishing Rules:

Max 2 rods per competitor.

Only artificial lures are allowed.

Every team has to carry 1 landingnet with a minimum length of 2,5 meter.

Fishing with dead bait, parts of dead bait or any other form of bait is not allowed.


Every team has 2 members.

Every team need to check in with the organisation before the competition starts.

It is not allowed to fish outside the venueu. A map will be supplied

During the competition 2 team needs to be at least 25 meters apart from each other.

When the weather is to bad at the start or during the competition the organisation holds the right to cancel or rescedule.

Every competitor has to wear the original OSA CAP during the competition that will be supplied before the competition starts.

Points count:

All point will be counted per as a team.

Every team will receive a teamscore app.

There will be fished for: Perch, Zander & Pike.

Every centimeter of measured fish will count for 1 point.

Every team will measure there own fish. Rounded off to 0.5cm

As an example. 22,3 cm will be 22.5cm. when you measure 22,6cm or higher it will become 23cm.

The three biggest fish per species will count for the final score. So a total of 9 fish. Order of importance of fish will be 3 biggest Perch, 3 biggest zander, 3biggest Pike.

If a fish is caught smaller than the tree ones you already send in there is no need to send that in.

Fish caught under the minimum size do not count.

Perch: minimum size: 22 cm

Zander: minimum Size: 42 cm

Pike: minimum size: 45 cm

Ther will be prices for the biggest fish caught.(Perch, Zander & Pike)

The minimum size of every fish will be displayed on the OSA tape-measure.

Catches are registered in the app until 4 pm.
The participants must be back at the headquarters by 16:30 at the latest.


Rankig of the score:

First will be the total lenght of all fish caught.

When there is a equal total lenght the importance of the specie caught will count.

When to total of species caught is the same the total lenght per specie will become important. First total lenght of Perch. Second total lenght of Zander. Third total lenght of Pike.

Does and don’ts:

No fishing from boats/housboats.

Respect privacy and properties from others.

It is not allowed to switch team members during the competition.

It is not allowed to kill fish during the competition or to take the fish along.

It is not allowed to use any kind of fishing baits(groundbait) during the competition.

It is not allowed to let a third party use any kind of groundbait to attract the fish to a spot.

It is not allowed to be in possesion of a fish while fishing.

It is not allowed to use any type of Lip gripper.

It is not allowed to throw your trash in the water.

Every team has to carry a cutting plier and disgorger.

Teamrunners are not allowed. The competitor is not allowed to accept help from anybody else other than his teammember or a referee.

It is not allowed to use any type of transportation during the competition other than the free Ferry


Make sure you have the phonenumber of the head organisation.  0031(0)6 54272345

 Keep within 25 meters from your teammember.

For your own and for the safety of everybody else it is not allowed to use any kind of drug or Alcohol before or during the competition.


There will be referees during the competition who will spread out all over the venue.

All referees will wear a red Open Street Amsterdam cap.

The organisation will check all things that need to be checked.


Competing in the Open Street Amsterdam will be for your own risk.

You need to follow all local rules. before, during and after the competition.

You need to insure yourself fort heft. Lost property, damage and all other things. 

Medical care:

You need to be insured for medical care.

If you need medical care you need to visit a local doctor.

The emergency number for all emergent care is  112

For smal ingeries you can call the organisation, we have an first aid team available.


Not following the rules will lead to disqualification.

When a fish dies due to mistreading by one of the competitors disqualification will follow.

Disqualification will follow for every team that is late for the start of the competition.

When 1 member of any team leaves the competition for what ever reason disqualification for the team will follow.

Mistreating fish will automaticly mean disqualification.

Misbehaving, figthing,destruction of properties,public intoxication will lead to immediate disqualification of the competition and all future OSA competitions.

Teams that come within 25mtrs of another team and refuse to move to a different spot will be disqualified.

Fishing with live- or dead-bait or any form of other (ground)bait will lead to disqualification.

Fishing outside the venue will lead to a penalty. All fish caught will be taken of the score card. Fishing outside the venue for the second time during the competition will lead to disqualification.

Disqualification of participants and/or couples is determined only by the organization.

When you think you need to break the local rules for any reason you need to contact the organisation before proceding and risk disqualification.

You are only allowed to break any rules after contacting and receiving a “Okay” from the organisation.

Guidelines from licencyholder Sportvisserij MidWest Nederland:

The fishing venue needs to be free from trash after leaving.

Handle fish with care. Catch and Release.

To enter any fishing venue you need to use excisting roads.

Directions given by the organisation need to be followed.

You need to carry the official licence at all times when fishing. 

For agreement:

The competitor needs to agree with all rules.

When a competitor does not agree he/she is not allowed to fish the Open Street Amsterdam.

Competitors who deliberately act alien to the rules or cheat will be disqualified for all future Open Street Amsterdam competitions.

Conceding and giving agreement to the rules means the organisation cannot be held responsible.

For questions/ remarks or other things contact the organisation at: 0031(0)654272345

Note: The rules can be changed before the competition starts at October 13 2019. Therefore the latest updates will be given on the day of the competition.