Regulations and planning for Skills and Stripes 2019


• Skills and Stripes is a Catch and Release predator fishing competition that is fished from the boat.

• The participants do not have to qualify for participation in this competition.

• All participants fish with exactly the same equipment (lures) that will be provided by the organisation.



• Roompotpark Cape Helius Hellevoetsluis (subject to change)

• Saturday, March 23 arrival organisation.

• Sunday 24 March is the day of the competition.



• Saturday, March 23, 2019

• Arrival of organisation at Cape Helius.

• 17:00 Briefing regulations and regulations for all participants (Only-Online).


• Sunday, March 24, 2019

• 06:00 Collect and prepare all teams for the boat control points (Cape Helius harbor)

• 08:00 start of the game

• 16:00 finish/ end match

• 19:00 prize-giving ceremony in the restaurant

• 21:00 End.


Catch Picture Release:

• The Skills and Stripes competition is based on Catch Picture Release.

• Every team needs to catch each perch by themselves.

• When a perch is caught, a participant of the team must photograph the perch on a measuring board provided by the organisation.

• After photographing, the fish must be returned immediately and alive.

Photographing and forwarding the catch photos:

• Your phone must have the latest iOS or Androidsoftware update!

• During the match day, the photos can only be delivered via the Skills and Stripes Scoring app.

• If back-up photos are required, a team can deliver these within 1 hour after the end of the competition. No more photos will be processed after the 60 minutes mark.

• Digital camera photos can be delivered back to the organisation as a backup directly after the end of the competition. Photos must have a visible date and time as proof.

• Only one perch at a time per photo on the measuring board.

• Photos with perch held differently than prescribed are excluded from matchpoints.

• Photos with dead and/ or blood-stained perch are excluded from competition points.

• A perch may only be photographed from the left flank and will be held on the board by the prescribed method.

• Photos are taken in horizontal (lying) position.

• Supply a maximum of one photo per perch.

• There is no maximum number of catches that you can offer in the Scoring app. The Scoring app will select the 3 largest catches that will count towards the ranking and the rest will automatically expire.

• Each team takes care of a backup camera (empty SD-card) or smartphone for the competition.

• Each team can hand in a total of 5 backup photos. These photos can be made with a camera or mobile phone.

• The digital photos must be delivered to the organisation at the end of the contest (within 1 hour).

• All digital camera photos must have visible date and time as proof.

• Participants must keep all photos for at least 2 hours after the competition.



Measuring board and water map

• One unique measuring board and water map is provided to each team after checking the boat.

• You can only use this measuring board provided by the organisation.

• Each team pays € 25, - deposit for the measuring board and water chart.

• After returning the measuring board and water card, the team will receive the deposit amount.

• Deposit distribution Measuring board € 20 water card € 5.



• You can fish with a maximum of one rod per person.

• There is a written exemption to have more than 2 rigged rods per participant at hand.

• Only the lures provided by the organisation are fished during the competition.

• It is forbidden to fish with more than one lure per rod.

• It is forbidden to use lures other than on a fishing rod.
• It is not allowed to have other lures on board than the lures provided by the organization.

• Multiple hook systems such as: paternosters, hook constructions, etc are not allowed.

• The following fishing styles are allowed: drifting, diagonal fishing, vertical fishing, drifting with front troller, fishing with a spot-lock function.

• Fishing with deadbait, live bait, parts of bait fish or other forms of natural bait are not permitted during the competition.

• It is forbidden to troll during the competition nor is the use of planner boards allowed.

• It is forbidden to attach external (fish) lines/ hook systems to the boat in general.

• The use of downriggers is also not permitted.


Match behaviors:

• Participants comply with the inland fishing regulations at all times.

• A team consists of 2 participants per boat.

• The competition will be fished in one day (24/3/2019).

• Before the start of the competition, all teams (with boat) will gather at the organisation at the indicated time and location. All boats will be inspected at this location.

• During the race it’s forbidden to travel outside the indicated course, or to dock your boat against another boat or to the shore.

• During the race the minimum distance between (fishing) boats is 100 meters.

• You will only fish within the indicated course. (SAS-water card)

• In case of bad weather forecasts, the organisation could decide to fish an alternative program (extreme case cancellation competition day).

• The organisation may decide to stop earlier or during the competition day. The organisation then determines whether this lost fishing time will be fished at another moment or will be lost.



• The points are earned as a team.

• You must catch 3 perch for the final classification. A team with "3 perch" will win against teams who do not complete their 3 perch, regardless of whether the captured perch of these teams are bigger in total cm.

• The points are determined by the length of the Perch. (1 point per centimeter)

• Centimeters are completely rounded (32.4 cm <= 32 cm/ 32.5 cm> = 33 cm

• The 3 largest perch count for the final classification.

• Fish below the minimum size must be returned immediately & alive.

• Perch: minimum size: 30 cm

• The Skills and Stripes final ranking overview will always be leading.

Ranking of the fish species:

• You must catch at least 3 perch to be included in the classification.

• At equal numbers & centimeters, the total of the three largest perch will count towards the win, if these are equal the two largest will count towards the win, If these are equal the time of the 3th caught perch counting towards your total score will count towards the win.




Behaviour, prohibitions and obligations:

• Participants who are in possession of a ‘fast’ fishing boat must be in possession of a valid boating license and must be at least 18 years old.

• It is forbidden to fish in the areas that are in violation of Dutch legislation during the race.

• It is forbidden to change participant and / or couple during the match (without consultation of the organisation).

• It is forbidden to kill and / or take fish during the race.

• It is forbidden to lure fish with any kind of livebait/berley/groundbait before and during the competition.

• It is forbidden to let third-partys lure fish using any kind of livebait, berley or groundbait.

• It is forbidden to keep fish before and during the competition in any type of way such as: stringers, livewell or keepnet.

• It is forbidden to use lip grippers during the competition.

• It is forbidden to deposit waste in the water during the match (and remaining days).

• At least one pair of cutting pliers and unhooking pliers must be present per boat.

• The participating fishing boats must be legally inspected and equipped (boat registration number) in accordance with the statutory (Dutch) regulations. (See Inland Navigation Police Regulations 2013)

• It is mandatory to wear a life jacket when standing/ boating.

• It is forbidden to go faster than 20 km per hour outside the main water.

• It is forbidden to go within a range of 150 meters from local fishermen, or other third parties during the race.



• A participating fishing boat must be suitable for boating / fishing on large water.

• Each participant must have a swimming certificate.

• One life jacket per person on board.

• At least one first aid kit per boat.

• At least one water chart per boat. (Will be provided by the organisation)

• At least one liter of water per boat.

• At least one set of spare clothing per boat. (Falling overboard)

• At least one filled reserve fuel tank per boat.

• At least one mobile phone per boat. (Emergencies)

• An anchor + rope per boat. (Emergency and/ or broken engine)

• You must be in possession of the telephone number head of organisation.

• It is forbidden to anchor in the fairway / high-speed areas.


Boat control:

• The organisation maintains an overall boat check prior to the race. After approval, the "unique sticker" is provided.

• The organisation reserves the right to monitor the aforementoined obligations and safety aspects continuously and without restrictions.

• The organisation will wear the Skills and Stripes safety vest.



• Participation in Skills and Stripes is entirely based on own risk.

• You must comply with all Dutch statutory regulations at all times. This applies both before, during and after the game.

• You must insure yourself against loss, theft, damage to property, accidents, etc.

• Payments made on invoices that have already been made will not be returned and must therefore be recovered from any cancellation insurance.


Medical assistance:

• You must insure yourself for illness, medical assistance and accidents.

• In the case of accidents and illness, you must report to a (local) doctor.

• In the event of an emergency call the international emergency number: 112

• For small injuries you can always report to the organisation.



• In case of non-compliance and / or follow-up of the set rules, disqualification will automatically follow.

• If a caught perch dies, for obvious reasons of careless action by the participants, disqualification will follow automatically.

• Participants who arrive after the starting signal will receive a penatly. If it’s within the first hour of the competition, the first caught 30cm+ perch will be excluded from scoring. If a team arrivesmore than one hour after the starting signal, total disqualification will follow.

• In case of a forfeit before or on the competition day of one participant of the couple (sickness, etc) the team is excluded from participation in the competition.

• In the event of careless handling a caught perch, full disqualification will automatically follow.

• In case of misconduct such as fights, inconvenient drunkenness, vandalism, etc., there will automatically be complete disqualification and exclusion from further participation.

• If participating boats meet within a radius of 50 meters, both boats receive a yellow card with 2 yellow cards, the team is disqualified.

• When fishing with different lures than the package obtained from the organisation, the entire disqualification automatically follows.

• Disqualification automatically follows when fishing with dead, living or parts of bait fish or other forms of natural bait.

• Luring fish with any type of livebait, groundbait or berley during or before the competition will result in full disqualification.

• When fishing outside the commissioned course, the team receives a yellow card and loses its last caught Baars, if caught a second time disqualification will follow.

• When participants disembark, the entire disqualification automatically follows.

• If the organisation has to act ‘in case of emergency’ due to mistakes made by the team such as: empty fuel tank, etc. disqualification will follow.

• Disqualification of a team is exclusively determined by the organisation.

• If you think you have to violate the regulations, you must always inform the organisation (by phone), in order to avoid disqualification.

• The regulations may only be deviated in consultation with / or in the presence of the organisation.


Guidelines by license provider Sportvisserij Zuidwest Nederland:

• The competition course must be left clean afterwards.

• Communicate the competition course on time and clearly for ‘non contestants’.

• Carefully handle the caught fish.

• The organisation monitors nuisance by third parties.

• Instructions given by the organisation must be followed immediately.

• No waste may be left on the race course.

• It is forbidden to inflict damage on or around the race course.

• If the above points are not observed, the participant (s) will be excluded from further participation and any damage will be recovered.

• The official document (permit) with all the behaviors and provisions is available for inspection at the organisation.


For approval:

• The organisation of Skills and Stripes can not be held liable for malfunctions (software - internet) of your mobile device. Participants are obliged to keep all race photos for at least 2 hours after the last race day in order to allow the organisation to determine the final result.

• The participant must agree with all the provisions in these regulations.

• If you participate in Skills and Stripes, you automatically agree with the regulations.

• When signing up you must sign that you agree with the regulations.

• If you do not agree with the set rules, you are not allowed to participate in Skills and Stripes.

• Participants who act maliciously in violation of the regulations and / or fraud or cheating are excluded for all (future) matches of Skills and Stripes.

• By recognizing, signing and agreeing to all conditions & regulations, the organisation can not be held liable as such.


For questions / remarks concerning regulations. Contact the organisation

Note: These regulations are subject to possible changes and / or adjustments. The latest (up to date) information is given to each team on the evening before the competitionday.